What is the subject of this site?

This site brings together researchers and their work on any aspect of war’s environmental consequences throughout history and around the world.  Warfare’s complex impacts on both natural and managed ecosystems, including extraction of natural resources, are a constant dimension of environmental history, as well as today’s global challenges.  Our network explores links with several more widely recognized fields, including environmental history, historical geography, military history and geography, political and economic history, war and society, ecology, and peace studies.

We consider a wide range of interactions between mass conflict and environmental change.  Our primary focus is on the ecological impacts and legacies (both short and long term) of wars and the preparation for conflict.  The subject includes the many ways that climate and weather, geography and terrain, soils and water have shaped and been shaped by military operations.

We encourage wide participation in developing this site, and we invite you to send us suggestions for additional topics, and for materials including visuals that can be used in our teaching. If you have any resource recommendations, conferences or workshops to list, or feedback, or if you would like to be added as a member or a related network, please reach out to us.