What is the subject of this site?

The Environment and Military Network is an international project to gather and promote scholarship on the history of the relationship between armed forces and the environment. The purpose of this website is to serve as a resource hub for researchers, teachers, and policymakers in order to provide historically informed perspectives about the roles of the armed forces in environmental change, past and present. In the process we aim to bridge the gap between environmental and military history, fields which have developed mostly in isolation from each other, despite considerable overlap in their interests and subjects.

Network Advisory Board

Tony Andersson

Jamie Lewis

Jean Mansavage

Sam Shingledecker

Richard Tucker

We invite you to send us suggestions for additional topics, and for materials including visuals that can be used in our teaching. If you have any resource recommendations, conferences or workshops to list, or feedback, or if you would like to be added as a member or a related network, please reach out to us.

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