The centennial of World War I begins a year from now; there will be a vast international discussion of the Great War over the following four years and more.  So we want to bring the environmental dimension of the war’s legacies to people’s awareness – both academics and the broader public.  We have proposed panels for the ASEH conference in San Francisco next March and the World Conference on Environmental History (WCEH) in Guimaraes, Portugal on July 7-14 next year.  The deadline for proposals for WCEH is this August 31, so there is still time to organize proposals.  See the website: <>.

In addition, there will be many other possible venues for presenting our work, including the annual conference of SMH, the Society for Military History, which will be in Kansas City on April 3-6 (see <>), hosted in part by the National World War I Museum there.  We are building bridges between ASEH and SMH, so anyone with ideas for that conference should check the website; the deadline for proposals is October 1.  We note also WHA, the World History Association (<>), which will hold its annual conference in San Jose, Costa Rica, on July 15-18, 2014, as well as other regional symposia.

Our opportunities will extend for the four years of the centennial, and we should consider many ways of presenting our work.  We have created a bibliographic section on that war on our Bibliography page; we invite additional contributions to that or any section of the growing bibliography.

In addition, we are building an email list of anyone interested in research on that war, to keep in touch with each other’s work and proposals, including ideas about innovative venues: public places, veterans’ organizations, etc.  If you would like to be added to that list, send a message to Richard.

Keep watching for our further development of the project page on the Centennial.

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