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Climate, Terrain, Warfare and Militarized Landscapes

Long Historical Perspectives and General Surveys

“Total War:” The French Revolution, the Napoleonic Wars and Nineteenth Century Europe

Early Modern Europe, Mid-1600s-1789

Interwar: Depression and Militarization

Medieval Europe: Damaging Ecosystems and Consuming Resources

Pre-Industrial China, Japan and India

The American Civil War

The Classical Mediterranean and Beyond: State Formation and Mobilizing Resources

Cold War Era: Civil Wars in Africa

Cold War Era: Low-Intensity Wars in Latin America

Cold War Era: Social Violence and the Environment in Southeast Asia

Cold War Era: The Ecological Legacy of the Vietnam War

Cold War Era: The Korean War

The Eurasian Steppes: Pastoralism Confronts Agro-Urban Civilizations

The Fertile Crescent and the Middle East

The Middle East, From the Islamic Conquests to 1914

War without State Systems

Wars of Imperial Conquest: Africa

Wars of Imperial Conquest: Asia

Wars of Imperial Conquest: North America

Wars of Imperial Conquest: The Caribbean and Latin America

World War I: Its Global Impacts and Its Legacy

World War I: Global Reverberations

World War I: Impacts of the War in Europe

World War II: Global Perspectives

World War II: Military Mobilization and Energy Resources in North America

World War II: The War in Asia and the Pacific

World War II: The War in Europe