July 5-8, 2021
Bristol, United Kingdom

Theme: Elements
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Seville, Spain
May 19-21, 2021

From the conference website:
“Over millennia, warfare, environmental degradation, and social inequality have brought much suffering to humankind. In an effort to facilitate interdisciplinary cross-fertilization, WESIPS brings together a cadre of internationally recognized scholars to address the underlying causes of warfare, environmental degradation, and social inequality from a host of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives. Setting the stage for the cumulation of knowledge, this symposium seeks to uncover effective solutions which foster peace, altruism, cooperation, social equality, and sustainable use of natural resources. 

Abstract submission deadline: October 5, 2020 at 11:59 PM (EST)

April 2019

The purpose of these pages is to publish reports on a wide range of research and discussion, including subjects that should be addressed but have not yet been studied broadly or in depth.

We welcome short (generally 700 – 1,200 word) summaries of research, recently completed or in progress.  We also invite discussion of emerging subjects, topics that deserve greater attention, and ways we can increase synergy with related fields including military geography and history, military technology and economy, armed forces and society, pollution and disease, food and agriculture, managed ecosystems, environmental trends and climate change.  We encourage colleagues to respond to forthcoming posts with further commentaries, for a richer conversation on the evolving state of the art.

Please send posts or ideas for discussion to Richard Tucker, rptucker@umich.edu.