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First NameLast NameWebsiteInstitutionResearch Interests
Steven Anderson Forest History Society
Tony Andersson NYU Latin America & Caribbean, political ecology, the Cold War, state building, NGOification
John Peter Antonacci SUNY Binghamton: Dept. of Sociology History of Capitalism, Military History, Global Environmental History, Political Economy of Imperialism, Early Modern History, Seven Years' War, Long Sixteenth Century
Éverton Aragão Universidade Federal de Campina Grande História Ambiental
Tom Arnold Independent Scholar
Kellen Backer Syracuse University
Tatyana Bakhmetyeva University of Rochester Forests, national identity, gender, Poland
Teo Ballvé Personal Website Colgate Univeersity Colombia, drug war, political ecology
Saptarishi Bandopadhyay Harvard Law School (/Osgoode Hall Law School) Disaster; risk; legal/environmental history
Judith A. Bennett University of Otago
David Biggs University of California at Riverside
Iris Borowy RWTH Aachen
Amelia Brackett Museum of City of New York
Lisa Brady Boise State University
Dorothee Brantz Technische Universitȁt Berlin
Mary Eliz Braun Oregon State University Press
Renee Bricker University of North Georgia
Emily Brock Max Planck Institute for History of Science
Michael Burns Texas Christian University Environmental Impact of the U.S. Civil War; North American Environment; Nineteenth century warfare
Mary Cablk Desert Research Institute, Reno NV
Marco Antonio Cervera Obregón Universidad Anáhuac México Military history and archaeology in Mesoamerican and Ancient Mediterranean Cultures
Elodie Charriere Institute for environmental sciences - University of Geneva
Roger Chickering Georgetown University
Martin Clemis Temple University
Charles Closmann University of North Florida Militarized landscapes in Europe and the United States
John Cloud NOAA Central Library
Julie Cohn University of Houston
Marjorie Cort Bard at Simon's Rock
Nicolás Cuvi FLASCO, Ecuador
Dylan Cyr University of Waterloo
Julianne D'Amico
Steven Davis University of Kansas Food production and the American Civil War
John Davis Hopkinsville KY Community College
Steven Davis University of Kansas
Anastasia Day University of Delaware
Rémi De Matos-Machado Université Paris 7 – Denis Diderot Geographical impacts of World War I
Dagomar Degroot Georgetown University
Laetitia Deudon Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France (France) / University of Montreal War and environment works in the North of France
Ron Doel Florida State University
Marianna Dudley University of Bristol
Scott Einberger Independent Historian
Sarah Elkind San Diego State University
Camden Elliott Harvard University Early American Environmental History
Peggy Eppig Maryland Agricultural Education Foundation
Matthew Evenden University of British Columbia
Matthew Farish University of Toronto Military geographical knowledge
Mark Fiege Colorado State University
Titus Firmin University of Kansas U.S. Military bases and communities, the environment, and inequality
Erin Fitz-Henry University of Melbourne
Gerard Fitzgerald George Mason University
Zach Foster Princeton University
Curt Foxley University of Oklahoma Military-Industral Complex in the American West
Yan Gao University of Memphis Taiping war and the environment
Ruthy Gertwagen The Univeristy of Haifa and Oranim Academic College Maaritime History andunderwater archaeology; Marine Environmentalhiatory; The impact of war at Sea on marine and coastal environment; war at sea; Periods: Byzantine and Medieval
Mark Glowacky University of New Hampshire
Jacquelyn Goldman UCLA Law
Iaroslav Golubinov Collaborative project on the Environment and War 1914-1918 Samara National Research University environment, pollution, ecology, war, First World War, Eastern front
Santiago Gorostiza Staff Page Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Environmental History and militarized landscapes of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), Franco's Spain in World War II, war and water.
Sander Govaerts University of Amsterdam Interactions Between Armies and Ecological Systems in the Premodern World
Ann N. Greene University of Pennsylvania
Michael Gunther Georgia Gwinnett College Environmental history of the French and Indian War and American Revolution
Martin Gutmann University of Freiburg Transnational and environmental history of fascism and war
Marcus Hall University of Zurich
Molly Hall University of Rhode Island
Jacob Darwin Hamblin Oregon State University
Sarah Hamilton Auburn University
Brian Hamilton University of Wisconsin–Madison
Stephen Harlan US Army War College Continental US western expansion and US Army fort system; nature’s reclamation if abandoned military installations and battlefields
Kris Harper Florida State University
Jim Harris Ohio State University Environmental History of WWI; Spanish Flu
Amy Hay University of Texas - Pan American
Jack Hayes Kwantlen University and University of British Columbia
Gretchen Heefner Northeastern University
Toshi Higuchi University of Kyoto
Joe Horan Colorado School of Mines
Emily Howald The Ohio State University Environmental Management of Military Training Land, Significance of Environment and Place to Military Training and War Preparation
Dave Hsiung Juniata College War of American Independence, early North America
Joseph Hupy University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire
Onur Inal University of Vienna Middle East, Turkey, Ottoman Empire
Aurélia Jandot University of Clermont-Ferrand French nuclear weapons
Gareth Johnston Future Ready Climate security, societal resilience, conflict and climate variability, natural resource conflicts
Christine Keiner Rochester Institute of Technology
Tait Keller Rhodes College
Zeynep Kezer Newcastle University State penetration and the transformation of the cultural landscapes of the Upper Euphrates
Nick Kozloff History Research Associates
Siddhartha Krishnan Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation, Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE), Bengaluru India Environmental Sociology and History
Krešimir Kužić independent scholar Climate - environment - war interactions and impacts (14th-18th ct.)
Simo Laakkonen University of Turku
Danny Lake-Giguère Université de Montréal Forest management in medieval Normandy
Ernst Langthaler Institute of Rural History, St. Pölten, Austria
Adam Lawrence University of California, Los Angeles
Hyunsook Lee Medical College of Yonsei University environmental changes, epidemics and war in East Asia
Philipp Lehmann Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin
Jamie Lewis Forest History Society
Scott Lipkowitz Queens College, CUNY First World War; US Army Corps of Engineers; Military Engineering in the First World War; Military Operations and Water Supply
Daniel Macfarlane Western Michigan University Canadian-American Border Waters
Kati Macica Loyola University, Chicago
Jean Mansavage U. S. Air Force, Historical Studies Office
Ed Martini Western Michigan University
Kieko Matteson University of Hawaii at Manoa France, forest management and policy, conservation ethics, Revolutionary war veterans, military mindsets, 18th-19th c
Christof Mauch Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society
Erin Mauldin Samford University
Pam McElwee Rutgers Vietnam War, Asia, restoration of landscapes
John McNeill Georgetown University
Timothy Memnel University of Chicago
Joseph Miller University of Maine Illness ad Environment in the War of 1812, Petite Guerre
Evelyn Krache Morris Harvard University
Domingos Muala Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique
Micah Muscolino University of Oxford
Robert Newman University of Kent Forestry and the First World War (or any war)
Matthew Nielsen Carnegie Mellon University
Michael O'Hagan Western University
Neil Oatsvall Arkansas School for Mathematics, Science and the Arts
Zeynep Oguz Northwestern University geology, oil, warfare, politics
Giacomo Parrinello Louisiana State University
Craig Pascoe Georgia College Military training facilities
Chris Pearson University of Liverpool
Sabrina Peric University of Calgary resource extraction, industry, labour, violence, militarization, the Balkans
Hrvoje Petrić University of Zagreb
Rebecca Pincus U. S. Coast Guard Academy
Graham Pitts Georgetown University
David Pretel El Colegio de Mexico
Chad Reger Georgetown University
Chris Rein Air Command and Staff College WWII, U.S. Civil War, Great Plains, Airpower
Javier Revelo-Rebolledo University of Pennsylvania Amazon deforestation and state building in Colombia and Peru
Mark Reynolds University of California, Riverside United States, First World War and Empire
Edmund Russell Boston University
Bijayashree Satpathy Tata Institute of Social Sciences War & Environment
Caroline Sawyer SUNY Stony Brook
David Scheffel Thompson Rivers University East European Roma
Martin Schmid University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Paula Schőnach University of Helsinki
Katie Schroeder Case Western Reserve Unviersity WWII Pacific, Military Medicine
Lise Sedrez Instituto de História (IH-UFRJ)
Daniel Marc Segesser Unibe Profile Department of History, University of Bern, Switzerland Food and Nutrition in World War I, Natural Phenomena in World War I diaries
Brian Sheridan NGO Volunteer Agroforestry
Sam Shingledecker Environment and Military Transportation impacts in conflict timelines
Tim Silver Appalachian State University
Terry Simmons Shaw College, Toronto
Maria Six-Hohenbalken Austrian Academy of Sciences
Gar Smith Environmentalists Against War Impacts of war and militarism on nature
Andrew Song Yale University U.S. military's counternarcotics strategy in Colombia; DEA operations
Alex Souchen Wilfrid Laurier University Munitions disposal; underwater munitions; environmental history of disarmament
Alex Souchen Royal Military College of Canada Munitions disposal; military pollution; environmental history of disarmament
Daniel S. Soucier University of Maine
Ellen Spears University of Alabama
Martin Spenger Rachel Carson Center
Shyam Sridar University of Oxford New France, French colonial military, Early Modern militaries, Fiscal-military State, contracting, military logistics
Sara Starr Bowling Green State University
Phia Steyn University of Stirling The environmental impact of war in independent Africa
Justin Dolan Stover Idaho State University Environmental history of the Irish Revolution, 1916-1923
Sandra Swart Stellenbosch University
Alon Tal Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Dan Tamir Arava Institute, Israel
Gene Tempest Boston University
Peter Thorsheim UNC Charlotte Environmental history of British military-industrial complex
Bob Tiegs Louisiana State University
Adam Tompkins Lakeland College Japan militarized landscapes and conversion to civilian use
William Tsutsui Hendrix College
Richard Tucker University of Michigan
Frank Uekoetter University of Birmingham
András Vadas Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest Environmental history
Desiree Valadares UBC-Vancouver, Geography Department environmental aftermaths of wartime incarceration in Alaska, Hawai'i and British Columbia; land tenure; Asian-Indigenous relations in place; heritage sites; war memory
Ben Wilkie Deakin University Militarised landscapes on the Australian homefront
Verena Winiwarter Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt-Wien