At the annual conference of the American Society for Environmental History, in Seattle on March 30 – April 3, our annual War and Environment breakfast will be on Friday morning.  Everyone is welcome to participate, to meet colleagues and join a brief discussion of our network.

The conference program includes three sessions on war and environment:

War and Environmental History (Friday, 8:30 a.m.)

Chair: Gabriella Petrick (University of New Haven)

Presenters: Michael O’Hagan (Western University): “In the Midst of the Canadian Bush”: German Prisoners of War in Manitoba’s Riding Mountain National Park

Sean Halverson (San Joaquin Delta College):  Conquering an Unforgiving Countryside: How America’s Environment Shaped Confining Prisoners of War in the American Revolution

Gerard J. Fitzgerald (George Mason University): Harvest for War: Fruits, Nuts, Imperialism, and Gas Mask Production in the United States During World War I


Saturday, April 2  10:30 am – 12:00 noon —  Two sessions:

State, Rebels, and Nature: War and the Environment from a Chinese Perspective

Chair: Tait Keller (Rhodes College)

Presenters: Brian Lander (Harvard University): Warfare, Resource Mobilization and State Formation in Qin, 481-208 BCE

Jack Hayes (Kwantlen Polytechnic University and University of British Columbia): Walls, Bootprints, Ashes, and Floods in the Landscape: Environmental Effects of Banditry, Small Scale Conflict(s), and Insurgencies in China’s Military Environmental History, 1720s-1931

Yan Gao (University of Memphis): Corridors of War: Waterway Transportation during the Taiping Era


Environmental Impacts of World War II in the Pacific Northwest

Moderator: Richard Tucker (University of Michigan)

Presenters: Katherine Macica (Loyola University Chicago)

Paul Hirt (Arizona State University)

William L. Lang (Portland State University)

Joseph E. Taylor (Simon Fraser University)

Tina Adcock (Simon Fraser University)

For more information and to register for the conference, visit the ASEH site here.

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