2017 conference – Chicago

Winds of Change: Global Connections across Space, Time, and Nature
Dates: March 29 – April 2, 2017
Location: Drake Hotel, downtown Chicago (Magnificent Mile)
Host: University of Illinois-Chicago
More info here.

Panel Schedule here.

We are looking for contributors to a panel for ASEH 2017 on war (or geopoltical conflict more broadly), nationalism, and the international trade of natural resources. In particular, we are interested in conflicts between national interests, resource conservation, and liberal trade regimes. How do nationalists mobilize notions of the natural or the organic in their conceptualizations of national or international economies? How do they draw on ideas of Darwinian resource competition or national survival in discussions of mining, logging, or agriculture? Jeff Wilson plans on contributing a paper on World War One, Germany, and timber supplies. Scott Moranda aims to contribute a paper on forester Carl Schenck and Germany’s engagement with the international timber trade in the Weimar and Nazi periods.

UPDATE: The submission deadline has passed. Thank you for all of your submissions.


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