“The Nature of War: American Environments and World War II”

Workshop at Ohio State University, February 25-27, 2016

“Smoke ‘Em if You’ve Got ‘Em: Environmental, Agricultural, and Industrial Implications of
Cigarette Consumption during World War II,”
Joel R. Bius, Air Command and Staff College, Alabama joel.bius@us.af.mil

“Fueling the ‘American Century’: Establishing the U.S. Petroleum Imperative during the WWII
Brian Black, Penn State University, Altoona bca4@psu.edu

“On Nuclear Landscapes and Nuclear Science“
Kate Brown, University of Maryland, Baltimore kbrown@umbc.edu

“Alloys and Allies: World War II, Mineral Scarcity and Post-war Foreign Policy”
Kent (Kip) Curtis, Ohio State University, Mansfield kip.curtis@bmail.com

“Growing Factories: Employee Victory Gardening Programs in World War II”
Anastasia Day, University of Delaware anastasiaday@me.com

“The Nature and Business of War: Drilling for Oil in Wartime Los Angeles”
Sarah Elkind, San Diego State University selkind@mail.sdsu.edu

“The Biologists’ War: Biological Warfare and the Limits of Environment Annihilation during
World War II”
Gerard J. Fitzgerald, George Mason University gfitzge@gmu.edu

“’Germicidal Gold Rush’: The Invention, Promotion and Legacy of Hexachlorophene in American
Hygiene Products”
Martha Gardner, MCPHS University, Boston MA martha.gardner@mcphs.edu

“For Land’s Sake: Acquiring and Using Property for National Defense during World War II”
Jean A. Mansavage, U.S. Air Force History Office, Washington D.C. mansavag@rcn.com

“Protecting the Shoreline: Marine Woodborers, Coastal Landscapes, and Shifting Baselines,
1920 – 1960”
Derek Lee Nelson, University of New Hampshire dekesn@gmail.com

“Total War and the Total Environment: World War II and American Conservationists”
Thomas Robertson, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester MA tbr@wpi.edu

“Soldiers of the Soil: Labor, Nature, and American during World War II”
Kendra Smith-Howard, SUNY-Albany ksmith-howard@albany.edu

“Automobiles, Trucks, and Planes: World War II, American Transportation, and the
Christopher Wells and Thomas Robertson. Christopher Wells, Macalester College MN

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