This project seeks to bring many of the elements of the impacts of the war together into one unified and connected source. The project is coordinated by the book’s editors:

Simo Laakkonen, Richard Tucker and Timo Vuorisalo, editors

Book proposal, based on a Workshop in Helsinki, August 7-10, 2012:

“Introduction: The Long Shadows”

The editors

“The War, Society and the Environment”

Simo Laakkonen (University of Helsinki)

“World War II: A Global Perspective”

Evan Mawdsley (University of Glasgow)

Heading towards War

“Environmental Policies of the Third Reich”

Simo Laakkonen

The War’s Systemic Impacts

“The Social and Environmental Costs of World War II for the USSR”

Paul Josephson (Colby College)

“Wartime Flood and Famine in China’s Henan Province”

Micah Muscolino (Georgetown University)

“The War’s Environmental Legacy in Northeastern India and Northern Burma”

Richard Tucker (University of Michigan)

“Pearl Harbor and the War’s Aftermath in Hawaii”

Carol MacLennan (Michigan Technological University)

Social Impacts and Responses

“The Acoustic Ecology of War: Sound and Noise in World War II”

Outi Ampuja (Aalto University)

Resource Extraction

“The Pelagic Empire: Japanese Fisheries, Marine Resources, and the Legacies of Imperialism”

William Tsutsui (Southern Methodist University), and Timo Vuorisalo (University of Turku)

“Aluminum’s Permanent Revolution”

Matthew Evenden (University of British Columbia)

“The Birth of ‘Crisis Utilization’ in Mexican Forests”

Chris Boyer (University of Illinois at Chicago),

“War, Environment and the Beginnings of Development Discourse in Central Tanganyika”

Gregory Maddox (Texas Southern University)

“Opening the Circumpolar World: The War’s Arctic Impact”

Ilmo Massa (University of Helsinki), and Alla Bolotova, (Center for Independent Social

Research, St. Petersburg)

Nature Conservation

“International Conservation in the Aftermath of Two Great Wars”

Anna-Katharina Wöbse (University of Bremen)


The editors